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DeFabio Dental Design offers the finest NJ teeth whitening treatments. Over time, many people have some discoloration and tooth staining despite maintaining good oral health care. Beverages like coffee, tea, and wine, as well as certain medications, can stain your teeth. If you are unhappy with the color of your teeth and find your smile dull or discolored, then our teeth whitening treatment is a great option to restore your smile.

One of the simplest and most effective cosmetic treatments we offer our patients from our New Jersey dental office is the highest quality teeth whitening. After years of using the many different teeth whitening techniques, we have chosen the KoR Whitening System. This system is considered the most reliable and effective bleaching system available today. The KoR system utilizes the best of all bleaching options to achieve beautiful, healthy, and natural-looking white teeth.

Our patients are stunned at the transformation of their smiles once they complete the system. The KoR Teeth Whitening system is a combination of at-home bleaching with custom-fitted trays followed by an in-office whitening power session to finalize and maximize results.

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Why Do We Use KoR?

Over our years in business, we have tried many different teeth whitening systems. Many were too harsh and unpredictable, while the results of others were short-lived. We found that KoR offers wonderfully predictable teeth whitening results for our patients. Tooth color is the result of natural pigment and stain molecules that get trapped in the tooth’s microstructure. The larger the molecules the darker the teeth appear. This is why things such as tobacco use and coffee drinking stain teeth so much. The best professional teeth whitening results are achieved only when the whitening gels are fully potent and produce a high percentage of free radicals. The gel should also be gentle enough for use over an extended time so that it can diffuse into the microstructure of your teeth. Typical whitening gels only stay active for 25-30 minutes, after this time they are contaminated by the saliva and lose efficacy. The KoR trays are designed to seal saliva out. This in combination with the KoR gel provides 6-10 hours of whitening. This is why the results are so extraordinary and why our teeth whitening patients have bright and stunning smiles that last.

The benefits of professional teeth whitening vs. over the counter products.

The teeth whitening we offer is top quality, there is really no comparison to over the counter products. The whitening gel that the KoR system uses is far more powerful than any OTC treatment options. Because the mold is customized for your mouth this allows the gel to be held properly on the teeth, thus making the treatment more reliable.

What Is the Teeth Whitening Procedure?

Our teeth whitening treatment begins with a visit to our office where we will fit you for your custom mouth trays. Once the trays are made, we have you visit the office to give you them and explain the at-home portion of the treatment to you. Once your at-home treatment is complete, we schedule an appointment for an in-office treatment. Our patients find that this final in-office treatment really takes the whitening to the next level. They walk out of this appointment with results that exceed their expectations.

If you are ready to find a deeper joy and confidence in life that only a beaming smile can provide, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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