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The team at DeFabio Dental Design understands that the words “root canal” can create anxiety and worry in many people. That's why we do everything we can to make our New Jersey root canal therapy as pain-free and comfortable as possible. That starts the moment you walk through our door and are greeted by our warm staff.

The techniques and the tools used for root canals have improved dramatically over the past several decades. Many people are not up-to-date on how a root canal works or if they need one. 


Tooth Anatomy

You're likely familiar with your tooth's enamel. It's the white layer on top of the teeth that you see when you smile in a mirror. Beneath that is another layer called dentin. Finally, beneath the dentin inside the center of your teeth, is a very soft and sensitive tissue known as the pulp. The pulp contains nerves and blood vessels.

The pulp can become infected following an injury or from a deep cavity.

NJ Root Canals

What Is A Root Canal?

A root canal is a very standard treatment that is used to remove an infected pulp located in the root of a tooth. The root canal procedure eliminates harmful bacteria that could otherwise spread throughout your body and cause harm. The inside of the damaged tooth is cleaned and then filled with a special sealant.

Millions of Americans are infected every year and must rely on a New Jersey root canal to save their teeth and alleviate pain.

Is A Root Canal Going To Hurt?

The procedure itself is not going to be painful. Today's anesthesia is powerful and effective enough that you'll feel very little during the operation. If you've ever had any other New Jersey dental treatment in the past, such as getting a tooth removed, then you know what to expect.

There may be some mild soreness after the root canal that lasts for a day or two. You may be prescribed a medication to help control this pain as well. The end result is that there is no severe pain involved. Only some minor soreness that is easily managed with over the counter pain medication or pharmaceuticals. It's not nearly as bad as the pain associated with an infected tooth.

Who Needs A Root Canal & Endodontics?

It can be difficult to self diagnose in regards to the teeth. There are many oral problems that can lead to similar symptoms. Your best option is to schedule an appointment with our Colts Neck, New Jersey office, and allow our highly trained New Jersey dental experts to examine your teeth and determine if a root canal is needed.

Even so, there are some warning signs that will indicate a root canal may be needed. New Jersey Endodontic procedures like this are most often needed after an injury as led to a cracked tooth or for people who have had lifelong damage due to genetics. People with deep, visible cavities are also at high risk.

There are several signs of a possible infection that could require a root canal. If you experience these symptoms, then we highly recommend you schedule an appointment. They include:

- Extreme sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures

- Constant pain that spreads through the jaw, ear, or throat

- Gums that are tender, swollen, or have pimples

These symptoms don't necessarily mean that you require a root canal, but they are indicators that something is wrong.

Is It Going To Be Expensive?

The cost of a root canal & Endodontics in New Jersey is going to vary based on the affected tooth and the complexity of the problem. Certain teeth, such as a molar tooth, may cost more to treat than others. It's important to note that this procedure is generally more affordable than some of the alternatives like having a tooth extracted and replaced. Furthermore, most New Jersey dental insurance policies will cover some or most of the treatment.

Don't Ignore Your Teeth

A large component of your overall health is your oral health. If your teeth are in pain or are overly sensitive then there is likely something wrong. Contact us today and schedule your appointment and we will diagnose and treat you in a gentle and compassionate manner.

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